Coming in 2018: OneCity Health Learning Management System

We are preparing to roll out a Learning Management System (LMS) to OneCity Health partners and their employees in spring 2018. The LMS will be free for all Performing Provider System (PPS) partners and their employees and will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for OneCity Health’s training-related information and activities. Partners and their employees can use the LMS to register for in-person and online training courses, take online training courses, view a training calendar, and much more.

We are interested in hearing our partners’ feedback, suggestions, and questions about the LMS. For example, what training gaps are most important to address for their workforce, and who is the primary contact they would like us to reach out to regarding LMS implementation at their organizations? To answer these questions and help kick start the OneCity Health LMS process with our partners, we’ve asked them to complete a brief survey. Partners should note this survey is optional and intended to help us better shape the LMS to their needs.

Click here to complete the survey.

The focus of the LMS will be on DSRIP and other transformation-related trainings that we hope will bring value to our partners’ organizations, and help prepare their workforce for continued and future success. To learn more about the LMS, please review December’s OneCity Health Partner Webinar.

We will continue to share more information about the LMS as it becomes available next year.