Commencing Distribution of Comprehensive Schedules B

OneCity Health will begin to release Comprehensive Schedules B to each of our partners that completed the Master Partner Data Survey today. All partners should have received their schedules by July 11.

Our partners should carefully review the Comprehensive Schedule B. Any questions can be shared with us through our support desk.

After reviewing the Comprehensive Schedules B, there are two immediate next steps:

  • Partners should sign it as soon as possible and no later than 21 calendar days after receipt. Please read these instructions for how to sign it via DocuSign.
  • Attend our next webinar on July 13, where we will assist partners in understanding the Comprehensive Schedule B requirements and practical next steps.

Sharing the Comprehensive Schedules B begins the process of enhanced cooperation and accountability with our network, and strengthens our ability to provide coordinated, high-quality patient care across a seamless continuum of care. We look forward to our partners’ ongoing partnership in this important endeavor.