Completing Process Metric N_007: Q&A on RHIO Connectivity

The following Q&A stems from our January OneCity Health Partner Webinar, where partners had questions on connecting to the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). As discussed during the webinar, OneCity Health Phase III partners have a Process Metric – N_007 – and corresponding payment assigned to RHIO connectivity in their Phase III Comprehensive Schedule B. Details on completing this metric will also be included in the forthcoming Phase III OneCity Health Partner Reporting Manual.

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These questions were lightly edited for clarity.

If we are already connected to a RHIO (for example, the Heathix RHIO), does that qualify as meeting this metric?
In order to meet Process Metric N_007, OneCity Health partners must provide documentation that demonstrates that their Electronic Health Record (EHR) is connected to a RHIO/Health Information Exchange (HIE) and must demonstrate active utilization of HL7 Automatic Data Transfer (ADT) message feeds. For the purposes of meeting this metric, partners can connect and share data with any RHIO.

As described in the Phase III Comprehensive Schedule B, partners will earn a percentage of the eligible amount for Process Metric N_007 depending upon when the RHIO connection and information sharing are achieved: 100% of the metric valuation for achievement by March 31, 2018; and 50% of the metric valuation for achievement by December 31, 2018.

Our Phase III Comprehensive Schedule B states that Process Metric N_007 is excluded? Do we not have to complete this metric?
As described in the Phase III Comprehensive Schedule B, partners become eligible for payment for Outcome Measures upon successful completion of at least 50 percent of all Process Metrics in their contract. For the purposes of calculating this 50 percent threshold, certain metrics are excluded, including metric N_007 (RHIO connectivity). Partners must still complete metric N_007 in order to receive the payment tied to this metric; however, failure to complete this metric will not negatively impact their eligibility for Outcome Measure payments.

Do we have to coordinate with Digital Edge to connect to a RHIO? Can we coordinate with HealthLinkNY?
OneCity Health partners can connect to any RHIO. However, technical assistance through Digital Edge and NYC Health + Hospitals IT is only available to support connection to the New York Care Information (NYCIG) RHIO.

Is OneCity Health supporting any software purchase, or only connection to the RHIO?
OneCity Health is only supporting expenses directly related to connecting to a RHIO, which does not include new software purchases.

Is using GSI considered RHIO connectivity? Is that sufficient to complete Process Metric N_007? Or do we also need to connect to another electronic platform?
No, using GSI is not sufficient to complete Process Metric N_007.