Contracting Documents

These documents govern the roles, responsibilities and rights of partners, OneCity Health and NYC Health + Hospitals in implementing the DSRIP program.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

The MSA, including its exhibits, is an important document defining the foundational roles and responsibilities of a partner, OneCity Health Services (as the Central Services Organization) and NYC Health + Hospitals (as Fiduciary), in our Performing Provider System. View a sample MSA here

Comprehensive Schedule B

A Comprehensive Schedule B details a partner’s implementation responsibilities and the funds they are eligible to earn by completing these responsibilities, within the stipulated timelines. Thus far, OneCity Health has issued three Comprehensive Schedules B. View a sample of each below. Please note, OneCity Health can also issue additional Schedules B to partners, often called a distinct Schedule B, for responsibilities related to a specific initiative, such as Cultural Competence and Health Literacy.