Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Project Participation Opportunity

The diversity of stakeholders that OneCity Health partners serve highlight the need to deliver culturally competent care and meaningful service that meets their linguistic and communication needs. Only by listening to the perspectives of both staff and patients, and thoughtfully evaluating how we deliver services, can we help eliminate health disparities, and provide optimal health care service encompassing of cultural and health equity.

As a first step, OneCity Health is identifying partners via a Project Participation Opportunity (PPO) to participate in an organizational self-assessment to identify strengths and areas for improvement in cultural competence and health literacy (CCHL), which is critical for the transformation of our health care delivery system. By participating in this assessment, our partners will gain feedback from their staff on service delivery, and better understand the concerns and perspectives of their patients and consumers.

The organizational assessment will also help us to establish a roadmap, which will include cultural competence recruitment and training efforts, CCHL workshops and development activities to help our partners meet “best practice” CCHL standards. We will also track cultural competence and health literacy capacity over time, using the organizational assessment as a baseline.

We will further detail this opportunity in our September 13 monthly OneCity Health Partner Webinar. The deadline for partners to complete the PPO is September 19.