Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Self-Assessments Set to Launch

The continuous demographic changes and diverse communities of New York City highlight the need to assess and improve the care and service delivery that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. OneCity Health, as a part of its health care transformation efforts, is initially investing $1.65 million in a Cultural Competence and Health Literacy (CCHL) initiative.

The CCHL initiative will provide us and our partners an opportunity to identify disparities and gaps in service delivery, and promote best clinical and administrative processes. The information collected will inform how we refine our cultural competency training efforts, workforce development, and evaluation metrics so that together we can continue to identify appropriate programs and other measures to improve access and effectively deliver equitable care.

To begin, we will soon be launching the CCHL site self-assessment for partners that expressed interest via the Project Participation Opportunity (PPO) in September. Over the next six months, 75 partner sites will complete the self-assessment. This initial self-assessment will establish a baseline and current state of each organization’s CCHL strengths and opportunities for improvement. By November 15, 2016 participating partners should receive a Schedule B via DocuSign. The CCHL Schedule B outlines project deliverables; partners should sign as soon as possible to begin.

As a reminder, participating partners will be required to designate a site liaison for each site that will participate in the assessment. The site liaison will be the main point of contact for CulturaLink, a vendor working with OneCity Health to complete the assessments.

For our partners who expressed an interest in facilitating focus groups at their sites, we will reach out to you soon with next steps.

Thank you again to our partners who have chosen to participate in the Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Organizational Self-Assessment. We look forward to beginning!