Developing an Integrated Delivery System

OneCity Health will release Comprehensive Schedules B to each of our partners that completed the Master Partner Data Survey in early July, which begins the process of enhanced cooperation and accountability with our network, and strengthens our ability to provide coordinated, high-quality patient care across a seamless continuum of care.

In short, we are laying the foundation for our Performing Provider System (PPS) to become a fully integrated delivery system (IDS).

The current health care system is institution-based, consisting of fragmented providers and organizations with limited abilities to coordinate, share information, and address the full range of patients’ needs. By caring for our patients in a community-based setting – inclusive of medical, behavioral, long-term care, community-based providers and social service organizations– we can place them at the center and work together to keep them healthy.

For example, our early work with Project 11 initiated our efforts to collaborate and engage patients. By working with our community partners to implement additional Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects, we can continue to learn about our partners, share best practices and grow together into an IDS.

Following the release of the Schedules B, we will quickly shift our focus toward these goals by hosting monthly ‘Implementation Webinars’ for our partners. Our first webinar will be held on July 13th from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Details on the agenda are forthcoming.

In this next phase, we plan to implement our 11 DSRIP projects. While they may seem distinct from one another, they align around our larger transformation efforts to ensure our patients receive high quality care in the right setting at the right time.

Our projects are only a start. To put patients in the center of an IDS, we must work with our community partners on a number of additional components that further align our network and improve care. These include:

  • Utilizing appropriate technology, including electronic health records (EHRs) to share health information and better coordinate care among our partners

We look forward to working with our partners on these initiatives in the coming months. Please view our events calendar for more details on the monthly Implementation Webinars, and continue to visit our website for updates on the development of our IDS.