Health Care Decisions can Arise Unexpectedly: Designate a Health Care Proxy

Monday, April 16, is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day to recognize and encourage advance care planning. To date, through DSRIP, our partners have helped over 9,000 patients designate a health care proxy. However, we have still have a long way to go to meet our New York State obligation, and National Healthcare Decisions Day is the perfect time to remind both our patients and ourselves about the importance of health care proxies.

Please view, download and share our infographic to learn more about the importance of designating a health care proxy. NYC Health + Hospitals also has a helpful guide with easy tips on how to choose a health care proxy. In addition, please keep in mind the following:

  • A health care proxy does not have the ability to obtain medical information or make decisions for a patient who is able to make his or her own decisions
  • A health care proxy cannot make legal or financial decisions, only decisions related to the patient’s medical care
  • The patient can change his or her mind and appoint a new health care proxy at any time

Click here to download the New York State Health Care Proxy form for free.