Initiating ED Care Triage Phase One

As we noted last week, we recently initiated phase one of our ED Care Triage project at four NYC Health + Hospitals facilities.

Due to accessibility, convenience, cost and other factors, patients regularly seek care at the Emergency Department (ED) for minor illnesses or complications from a chronic illness, which can often be treated in alternative settings. OneCity Health’s ED Care Triage project works in collaboration with primary care and community partners, to ensure that those who frequent the ED are connected to ongoing care.

Our goal in the initial phase of project implementation is to successfully link patients who are treated and released with a primary care physician for follow-up care, and to emphasize the value of primary care to patients in managing their ongoing health needs. Success depends on providing convenient access to high-performing primary care teams, and a significant portion of our Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program transformation efforts are focused on primary care improvements. Given that improved access to timely appointments will be necessary to begin guiding patients away from the ED for non-urgent care, we will also utilize a call center to streamline appointment scheduling and consistently assess our network for providers accepting new patients.

It will also be essential for our community-based partners to support these efforts by educating patients about primary care and promoting alternatives to the ED in non-urgent situations. Moreover, it will also be necessary for partners to provide culturally-competent counseling to patients in the ED to help redirect them toward primary care.

Phases two and three of ED Care Triage will be implemented later, and will focus on patients with chronic and severe illnesses who could benefit from care management services. To learn more about this project, please view our recent webinar, or feel free to email us with questions at with the subject line “ED Care Triage”.