Introducing the OneCity Health Monthly Webinar Series

As we begin to form a fully integrated delivery system (IDS), one exciting aspect is the opportunity to continue to learn about our partners, share best practices and grow together. We have had very meaningful interactions with our partners through webinars as we discussed our care models and the Comprehensive Schedules B, and we want to continue to use this platform to collaborate regularly.

Beginning in August, we will hold monthly webinars on the second Tuesday of every month. On these webinars we intend to further assist partners in understanding Comprehensive Schedule B requirements, discuss practical steps for project execution and reporting, and highlight best practices.

Additionally, attending these webinars will help our partners complete the Comprehensive Schedule B performance metric to “attend 75 percent of monthly webinars hosted by OneCity Health within the Schedule B period”. Here is the full schedule:

All webinars are from 2 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.:

    • November 15 (the third Tuesday of the month due to Election Day the prior week)
  • We will post all webinars and call-in details in our events calendar, and include an agenda prior to the webinar. Project-specific and other webinars will continue to be held intermittently for specific partners and will be communicated separately.

    In order to meet the performance metric, only one person per organization is required to attend each webinar. To receive credit for attendance, the attendee must include his or her organization in the name box when logging into WebEx:

    This is an example from a previous webinar. "Your name" should be your organization name.
    This is an example from a previous webinar. “Your name” should be your organization name.

    To meet the metric, each system must attend six of the eight webinars. By providing the schedule far in advance, we hope our partners are able to attend. We know their time is valuable and that most of their day is spent caring for, or arranging to care for, the New Yorkers who need care. We’d like for our partners to attend at the time of the session and hope that this advance notice helps their planning. However, if one of our partners cannot attend, please reach out to us so we can find an alternative solution.

    While the webinars are required to meet a performance metric, our intent is to foster a discussion and bring our network closer together as we align around our larger DSRIP transformation efforts. We look forward to continuing this discussion in August.