Latest CAPC Resources to Increase the Availability of Quality Palliative Care Services

As we recently noted, OneCity Health has been pleased to continue to provide our partners with access to a range of courses and educational materials from The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), a national organization dedicated to increasing the availability of quality palliative care services to people with serious advanced illness.

To help our partners take advantage of CAPC offerings, we recommend these June trainings and new resources:

How to Use CAPC Membership
For our partners just beginning with CAPC, these webinars provide an overview of the CAPC tools and resources:

Improving Team Effectiveness: An Interdisciplinary Team Panel Discussion
Due to growth, the ongoing stresses of palliative care, or diverse personalities, most teams experience confusion, tension or turnover at one time or another. This webinar will discuss how to onboard new team members, identify team issues, and collectively work through challenges as a team, particularly when team stress is at its peak.

Palliative Care in the Home: A Guide to Program Design
Starting or growing a home-based palliative care program can be challenging. To address those challenges, CAPC has developed this guide for designing a program that provides the highest quality care, is responsive to stakeholder priorities, and is financially and operationally sustainable. The guide is available to download here.

CAPC membership remains available to all OneCity Health partners including community-based organizations, and long-term care, hospice, and primary care providers. Please contact our support desk to request membership.