Learning Management System to Launch in April: What Partners Need to Know

In April, we are launching our Learning Management System (LMS), which is a “one-stop-shop” for OneCity Health’s training-related information and activities. While we will share additional details when we officially launch the LMS – such as how to enroll and navigate the system – here is what OneCity Health partners need to know right now.

What will be on the LMS and who can access it?
All employees at OneCity Health partners will be eligible to access the LMS. Once users create an account, they can register for in-person and online training courses, participate in online training courses, view our training calendar and more.

What is the cost to OneCity Health partners?
The LMS is FREE for all partners and their employees.

At the March 14, 2018 PAC meeting, OneCity Health discussed a LMS pilot prior to the launch. Can partners participate in the pilot?
In February 2018, our 10 partners in our Strategic Advisory Workgroup participated in a pilot to help test the LMS and provide feedback prior to our launch to all partners. That pilot is now CLOSED; all partners will be eligible to access the LMS in April. To read a summary of feedback from the pilot, click here.

In December 2017, OneCity Health asked partners to complete a survey to help OneCity Health align the LMS with partners’ training needs. What were the results of the survey?  
Thank you to everyone that completed the survey. We learned that critical areas for our partners to receive training are care management, primary care and chronic disease management and health care transformation. Within those categories, subjects include education on value-based payments and social determinants of health, sessions focused on skills such as motivational interviewing, screening for chronic diseases and leadership training, and many more.

How will OneCity Health instruct partners on how to use the LMS?
We are holding two dedicated introductory webinars in April to walk partners through the LMS and answer their questions. These webinars are scheduled for:

We recommend partner executives, HR administrators, training administrators, and partner-appointed LMS administrators attend.

How will partners be notified of the webinars and official LMS launch?
OneCity Health will notify partners via our general email (DSRIPSUPPORT@nychhc.org). We will also cover the latest on the LMS in our April OneCity Health Partner Webinar, and continue to provide updates on our website and in our newsletter.

If partners continue to have questions about the LMS, they should contact our support desk.