LegalHealth Trainings Focused on Meeting Individuals’ Immigration Needs, a Key to Addressing Unmet Social Needs

As part of our work to better link individuals we serve with social services, one of our areas of emphasis has been addressing their legal needs. To that end, we held a series of trainings in 2017 for our partners focused on identifying and referring patients and clients for legal issues. Through OneCity Health’s partnership with the NY Legal Assistance Group / LegalHealth, Sylvia Miller, an experienced immigration attorney from LegalHealth, led four immigration trainings.

These trainings, “Engaging Immigrant Patients & Clients in Free Legal Services: The Ins and Outs for Staff,” focused on helping OneCity Health community partners make effective referrals to immigration attorneys providing free legal services in New York City. In addition, Miller discussed the current immigration landscape and how best to advocate for someone who may have reservations about seeking care.

“Our goal is to empower patients and clients,” said Miller. “By understanding the questions to ask, and having a thorough understanding of their rights and the legal immigration process, we can help address their legal needs and prepare them for the future.”

For more information on free legal services available to immigrant patients, LegalHealth lists resources and referral information in this one-pager.

For more information on medical-legal partnerships, America’s Essential Hospitals is hosting a webinar on January 17, 2018 from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m., regarding the relationship between legal needs and health. Facilitated by Randye Retkin, Director and Founder of LegalHealth, along with Kalpana Bhandarkar from OneCity Health, and Ellen Lawton, JD, The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, this webinar will highlight how legal needs of patients are a key social determinant of health that is often overlooked.

To learn more and register, view the webinar in our Events Calendar.