Listen to Dr. Dave Chokshi on the Review of Systems Podcast

Dr. Dave Chokshi, Chief Population Health Officer, OneCity Health, was a guest recently on the Review of Systems podcast, which is dedicated to discussions on primary care innovations, payment reform, health care policy and more.

On the podcast, Dr. Chokshi defines population health – which he refers to as the “delivery of more proactive care that can address avoidable human suffering” – and discusses the value it adds to our health care system. Moreover, he covers how value-based payments – better managing health care dollars to improve outcomes – work in conjunction with a population health approach.

How does this work in practice? Dr. Chokshi discusses five steps:

  • Identifying the attributed population
  • Stratify that population by risk
  • Meeting patients where they are
  • Emphasizing high-quality primary care and behavioral health
  • Utilizing data to drive care delivery and change

Listen to the interview to learn more about these areas, and other topics such as how to best measure the impact of population health and the relationships between physicians and patients.

The podcast is available here.