November GSI Trainings

As we discussed in our October 11, 2016 OneCity Health Partner Webinar, we are continuing to schedule trainings for our partners in GSIHealthCoordinator (GSI), a care coordination and population health management platform. We have added a number of new sessions for November at locations across the city; please visit our Events Calendar to view the dates and register.

There are two training options for partners contracted to provide asthma services. Please review carefully before selecting a GSI training.

    1) Partners with a distinct Schedule B for asthma community health workers – This training is for asthma community health workers who have OneCity Health patients within their caseloads and their respective supervisors
    2) Partners with the Asthma-Clinical project included in their Comprehensive Schedule B – This training is for primary care staff who are implementing the Asthma-Clinical project

To attend a session, partners need to register ahead of time and must have a signed Schedule B with OneCity Health.