OneCity Health CEO to PAC: You Can Make DSRIP Powerful

“DSRIP has always been a passion of mine,” explained Israel Rocha, CEO, OneCity Health in his discussion with partners at our March 14 Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting. “The program can bring ideas to life, and change the state of health care.”

Prior to his current roles as CEO of both OneCity Health and NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst, Rocha was CEO of Doctors Hospital at Renaissance (DHR) in Edinburg, Texas, where he led a variety of programs as part of the Texas DSRIP program, such as transitional care clinics geared at reducing 30-day readmissions. DSRIP was a catalyst to transform the community around DHR, noted Rocha, and together with our OneCity Health community partners, he expects to make a meaningful impact in New York City as well.

“My goal is to work with you and enable you to make DSRIP powerful,” said Rocha, addressing partners. “We may run into challenges along the way, but our goal is to help facilitate a collaborative problem-solving approach by collectively identifying partners and testing new solutions.”

Israel Rocha, CEO, OneCity Health meets with partners at the OneCity Health PAC meeting on March 14.

One of OneCity Health’s first steps, described Rocha, is to host hearings with partners to share ideas on three crucial work streams. First, it is important that we understand the health care workforce of the future. Delivery system reform means new ways of providing care, resulting in new positions and investments in current staff. In collaboration with community stakeholders and our Workforce Committee, OneCity Health is identifying how the workforce is changing to prepare for the future. Second, stemming from this report, is a focus on capacity and competency building. Anticipating new roles in health care, OneCity Health will support the development of staff to meet the new responsibilities. Finally, OneCity Health needs to support community-based healthcare, and ensure that our partners have the resources to reduce avoidable hospital use, one of the primary goals of DSRIP.

“Together, OneCity Health can be a community-wide resource to lead change,” said Rocha.

For our partners who were unable to attend the meeting, the presentation from the meeting is available here. The discussion included upcoming opportunities related to the social determinants of health, progress regarding cultural competency and health literacy and an update on hospital and community integration.

We look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration.