OneCity Health Learning Collaboratives Focus on VBP Prep for CBOs, Partnering with Managed Care

Through the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification process, OneCity Health is working with primary care practices to build capacity and prepare for value-based payments (VBP). Last year, we wondered what a similar program would look like for community-based organizations (CBO). And, is it even something that would interest them?

The answer to the second question was a resounding, “yes!” As one of our partners noted at one of our Listening Sessions, “The concept of proving value is new for everyone.” The mandate to move forward was clear; however, as that partner noted, if demonstrating value is new for CBOs, where would a technical assistance program even begin? To start, OneCity Health and our partner/vendor for this initiative, Community Service Society (CSS), began to assess our partners to better understand the type of support that would be most useful to them.

From August 2017 through January 2018, 51 of our partners that provide social services completed an organizational self-assessment of value-based payment capacity, followed by an on-site visit that was based on an assessment designed by Collaborative Consulting. The assessments focused on key areas such as data information and sharing, adaptability, quality improvement and operations. Organizations scored well in program delivery and governance, but struggled in areas that are less mission-centric.

“We wanted to gauge how well CBOs understand the health care environment, and their ability to respond to changes,” said Marjorie Momplaisir-Ellis, MPH, Senior Director, Engagement & Collaborations, OneCity Health. “We found CBOs struggle with market analysis and have difficulty articulating what they can offer to the health care industry in a language that health care providers and payors understand.” Similarly, many CBOs struggle to demonstrate the value of their services using data.

Based on these assessments, OneCity Health and CSS are hosting a series of Learning Collaboratives and technical assistance sessions for these CBO partners. These sessions focus on how CBOs can partner with Managed Care Organizations, how to link their services to health outcomes and marketing their services to health care partners.

“Through this program, CBOs are learning to create their unique value proposition,” said Annika Ginsberg, MPA, Director, Engagement & Collaborations, OneCity Health. “In turn, they will be better positioned to partner with health care providers, further facilitating the development of our integrated delivery system.”