OneCity Health and Social Determinants of Health

OneCity Health works to advance our partners’ ability to consistently and routinely address unmet social determinants among the broader patient population. We define social determinants (or social needs) to be non-medical aspects of individual and family lives that, if unaddressed, can affect one’s ability to maintain health and well-being.  Various definitions of social determinants abound, inclusive of those that are structural and societal, but we focus our tactics to address social needs that include housing (stability and quality); food (stability and security); legal needs that address e.g. immigration status, eligibility for public health insurance, employment, family, and/or housing access; and government benefits access that relate to income maximization and other needs, at a minimum.

Below find resources to help partners address unmet social determinants.

NowPow is a web-based social services directory and referral software available to OneCity Health partners. It enables providers to identify community resources, make referrals for patients and clients, and track patient engagement.

NowPow offers multiple “products” with specific features; we made one of the products, NowRx, available during the first phase of our rollout.

NowRx offers a comprehensive, accurate and searchable resource directory of New York City organizations that allows staff to find social services that meet an individual’s needs and priorities. Once organization(s) are identified (using any number of filters that include geography, languages spoken, targeted conditions, etc.), staff can send patients and client referrals via email, text or printed copy.