Phase III NowPow Rollout to OneCity Health Partners

As part of our evolution to an integrated delivery system inclusive of social services, OneCity Health is continuing with a phased roll-out of a web-based social services directory and referral software, NowPow, to partners.

While many OneCity Health partners began this process in Phase II, others are beginning in Phase III. Those partners have Process Metric N_008 in their Phase III Comprehensive Schedule B, and need to complete a number of enrollment steps.

In order to be granted access to the software, partners will need to sign a NowPow Participation Agreement, attend a web-based training and complete an Onboarding Form. For more details on these requirements and the schedule of upcoming trainings, OneCity Health partners should review this supplementary document.

Upon completing these steps, a provisioned user will receive login credentials and can begin searching for resources and sending recommendations for social services to patients and clients via email, text and/or printed copy.

Additionally, for our partners who attended our January OneCity Health Partner Webinar last week, we received some questions on NowPow.Click here for a separate Q&A with those questions and answers.