Updates from the PAC: Enhancements to the Partner Portal

At our March 8, 2017 Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting, our partners offered feedback and follow-up questions on a number of resources and ongoing initiatives that we have introduced to further develop our integrated delivery system. Specifically, our partners suggested:

  • A comprehensive update regarding the OneCity Health Partner Portal, including enhancements, partner valuation, notifications and the invoicing process
  • More information regarding IT assessments conducted by Digital Edge and next steps for partners
  • Additional details regarding a partner services directory
  • A recap of our network’s metric submission performance in Phase I

Over the coming weeks, we will discuss each of the topics in depth, and also continue to provide updates on our monthly OneCity Health Partner Webinars. Our webinars are also a forum for additional Q&A with our partners.

First, below please find an update on the OneCity Health Partner Portal, including specific questions our partners raised at the PAC meeting.

OneCity Health Partner Portal

Provide an update on the enhanced Portal for Phase II and when resources will be available
Our team has made several improvements that are now available, or will be soon. Improvements include the following:

  • New interface with ability to access information on one screen
  • Improvement of notifications of pending actions, and visual indication of submission deadlines and progress
  • Ability to submit invoice concurrent to metric submission
  • Ability to download submissions and invoices for records
  • Improved features to give greater guidance for metric submissions and remediation

For more information about the updates to the Portal, please view the slides from our April OneCity Health Partner Webinar here, where we detailed the enhancements that were available as of April 11, 2017. We will discuss the new features that are since live on our May 9, 2017 Partner Webinar.

Make partner valuation something that gets updated or removed
Partner valuation will not be updated in the Phase I version of the OneCity Health Partner Portal, and is not included in the Phase II version of the OneCity Health Partner Portal. We are still deciding how to best display performance data, including partner valuation via the Partner Portal.

Fix the portal notifications window to ensure it is in chronological order
The chronological order of the portal notifications was fixed in the Phase I version of the OneCity Health Partner Portal. In Phase II, there is no longer a notifications window, and partners can see the status of their submissions in their Home Page after they log into the Portal.

Ensure the OneCity Health support desk has a list of invoices awaiting submission to provide to partners when they call
The OneCity Health support desk has the ability to confirm what invoices are currently available for submission, as well as what metrics are pending submission. The support desk has been and will continue to update partners regarding their invoice and submission status upon request by phone and/or email.